My software development mindset. Keep it simple, embrace ideas.

Human beings around the globe interact with software nearly every awaking minute. Our phones, refrigerators, air conditioning units, coffee makers, laptop computers, smart watches, lawn mowers, hearing aids and automobiles all utilize some form of software to make those products work.

Software is the brain that makes technology thrive, it’s the solution when problems arise and it’s the catalyst for new ideas.

Without software there would be no technology.

My approach to developing software for next-generation technology is to keep things simple, embrace ideas, own the initiative, make courageous decisions and surround ourselves with diverse minds. In order to come up with new and competitive technology we must work outside the box.

Welcome to my website my name is James Burnett, and I’m a senior software engineer. This is the place where I share what I’ve learned and promote my ideas. If you want to follow along you can subscribe here and get email notification when I write new posts.

The best ideas come from people who think outside the box.

I live, outside the box.

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